Ascension with the Angels Tarot

The “Ascension with the Angels Tarot” uses modern images channeled directly from the angels, along with an energy transmission to bring you into an expanded state of consciousness and connection with the angels. 

 This 78-card deck follows the traditional tarot structure while being infused with the spirit of the angels.  It is also designed to be used as a daily oracle. 

Find the guidance that you seek with the angels at your side.

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Ascension with the Angels Tarot

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- Eva B (Missouri)

I purchased one of your decks for myself and I loved it so much that I decided to order it for one of my friends. She also loved it and could feel all the angels coming through the deck!!! 

- Michele A (California)

I have to share how amazing this deck is, I was reading for my membership group and the same card kept coming up, Nine of Cups, the card of Gratitude. In 10 readings it came up 7 times! The next day it came up 6 times! I was in tears of Angelic bliss, feeling the power and the presence of this message and the love from the Angels who really wanted us to get the message! The connection to the Angels with these cards is real!!

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