Intuitive Reading


Utilizing tarot and my unique connection to the angels; I provide clarity, guidance and healing energy to empower you to achieve your highest goals and resolve your greatest challenges.

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20 minutes $60
30 minutes $80
60 minutes $150

“A reading with Seph is like a massage for the soul…..” 

Leslie B., Chicago

Tarot Training


Tarot training allows me to show you how to access and increase the intuitive power you already have.  Together we’ll pull tarot cards that provide guidance and clarity for you, as I empower you to read tarot.

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20 minutes $60 (3 cards)
30 minutes $80 (5 cards)
60 minutes $150 (12 cards)



Because hypnotherapy is a customized solution, we will start by connecting for 15 minutes (for FREE) to see if it’s the right vehicle for you.


Past life regression

 Connect with your angels and spirit guides

 Heal physical and emotional pain 

 Prosperity and success programming

 Heal fears and phobias

 Break unwanted habits

 Stop smoking

 Lose weight

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Hypnotherapy Connect Session

You have the


to shape your future

I can show you how!

My vision and goal is to illuminate the way for you to expand into and experience your highest potential.  Whether I’m creating content, teaching, speaking or working one-on-one with you, every action answers to that vision. 

 Conscious Luminary

 Angel Channel

 Certified Hypnotherapist

 Energy Healer

Combining these talents to serve you is my life’s mission and greatest achievement.