Join an online conscious community that the angels inspired Seph to create, so that you can connect with other conscious travelers from around the globe.  There is no paywall to join!

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Order the Ascension with the Angels Tarot deck here.

The Ascension with the Angels Tarot uses modern images channeled directly from the angels, along with an energy transmission to bring you into an expanded state of consciousness. 

 This 78 card deck follows the traditional tarot structure while being infused with the spirit of the angels.  It is also designed to be used as a daily oracle. 

Find the guidance that you seek with the angels at your side.

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Join the Ascension with the Angels Tarot community (with a 14-day free trial) and access the course for FREE! (Valued at $333)

Everything you need to learn how to read tarot, communicate with your angels and spirit guides, and put all that together to ignite the conscious creator within.  

Three courses built into one, it's designed to be the perfect companion with the Ascension with the Angels Tarot or any other tarot deck.

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Quantum Healing


By going into the theta brain-wave state, you connect with the quantum field of intelligence to become calibrated with high-frequency energy where you are then able to heal or achieve anything.  

To see a list of FAQ's, book your session, or contact me for more information use the link below. 

  • Past life regression
  • Connect with deceased loved ones and pets. 
  • Connect with your angels and spirit guides.
  • Higher-self activation.
  • Heal physical and emotional pain.
  • Prosperity, and success programming. 
  • Heal trauma, fears, and phobias. 
  • Lose weight, and stop smoking.
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Intuitive Reading

Energetic Transmission

This is a reading and energy activation combined into one powerful session!

By connecting with the angels and accessing your Akashic Record, I will relay the clarity and guidance that you need at this time.

The embedded angelic energy transmission infused in the reading establishes a field around you that calibrates you with your optimum state of being to resolve your challenges and achieve your objectives.  

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20 minutes $60
30 minutes $80
60 minutes $150

A reading with Seph is like a massage for the soul…..” 

Leslie B., Chicago

You have the


to shape your future

I can show you how!

My vision and goal is to illuminate the way for you to expand into and experience your highest potential.  Whether I’m creating content, teaching, speaking or working one-on-one with you, every action answers to that vision. 

  • Human Potential Activator
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Angel Channel
  • Energy Healer

Combining these talents to serve you is my life’s mission and greatest achievement.   

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