Intuitive Reading

Energetic Transmission

Experience the fusion of a reading and energy activation in one dynamic session!


Through angelic connection and access to your Akashic Record, Seph will convey the clarity and guidance you require at this moment in time.

Your reading is infused with an angelic energy transmission, creating a field that aligns you with your optimal state, enabling you to overcome challenges and reach your goals.

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20 minutes $60
30 minutes $80
60 minutes $150

Seeking continuous support from the angels? Discover a monthly package tailored for you.

Who better to receive powerful quantum guidance from than the angels? Seph specializes in crafting custom packages that align with both your needs and your investment capacity in personal expansion. Monthly coaching packages start at $99 per month, and select packages even offer access to hypnosis sessions.

To find out more and tailor a package to your unique requirements, schedule a complimentary consultation with Seph today.

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Lindsay G.

I feel so light and hopeful after our sessions.  <3 

Cassie M.

Having a session with Seph is a game-changer.  I always feel a huge weight has been lifted off of me when hearing his perspective through The Angels.  When I'm feeling lost or confused, working with Seph makes everything in my world feel right-side up again, no matter how it looks at the time. I'm filled with gratitude!

Shweta V.

Getting an intuitive energy reading from Seph is like getting a giant hug from the Universe.
I'm so glad I honored my intuition and said yes to booking a session with him. I felt the presence of my angels throughout the session, and was left with feeling immensely guided & supported by them on this journey. It was cathartic on so many levels, words would fall short to describe the impact. It is truly an experience to be had!!
Seph is indeed a blessing and I hope his work touches more lives. If you're looking for a sign, let this be it :)

You have the


to shape your future

I can show you how!

My vision and goal is to illuminate the way for you to expand into and experience your highest potential.  Whether I’m creating content, teaching, speaking or working one-on-one with you, every action answers to that vision. 

 Human Potential Activator

 Certified Hypnotherapist

 Angel Communicator 

 Energy Healer

Combining these talents to serve you is my life’s mission and greatest achievement.