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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Quantum Healing/Hypnotherapy.

Typically, the following protocols are completed within a single session, while all others generally require between 3 to 6 sessions: Visiting the Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides, Connecting with Departed Loved Ones and Pets, and Higher Self Activation.


I can't really wrap my head around the timing of it all but just after our FIRST hypnosis session, I met the love of my life. 

Im so glad that I did hypnosis with you because I legitimately feel like I switched timelines / that we were pulled int our highest most aligned timeline. 

You are magical and I appreciate you!

Grace M.

Today I listened to the recording of my hypnosis session with you. It helped me feel very grounded and hopeful, I love re-listening to those, thank you!

Claudia D.

The session felt really special, like a release and an empowerment at the same time.  I felt really peaceful afterward and confident, that I have a whole team to help me and that things will unfold. 

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