Tapping into your most powerful self will connect you with the power that you have to shape your reality.  

 This course and community are designed to give you all of that!

Intuition is the portal to your most powerful self.  Your angels and spirit guides are one with you, and their purpose is to guide you into discovering and activating the conscious creator within.  

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By tapping into your intuition, you forge an immutable connection with your higher mind.  Imagine what your life would look like if you were able to do that consistently.  Because your true purpose in life is discovering that alignment, life opens up unseen possibilities just by stepping onto this journey. 

The non-linear approach embedded in this course and community is designed to support you in discovering how to integrate your higher mind into your everyday life on an energetic and practical level.  

What is the Ascension with the Angels Tarot course and community, and what’s included?  

To support you in a way that online courses usually fall short, there are three components included that are designed with the intention of your success.


  • A 10-module go-at-your-own-pace video course to reveal the standard meanings (with angelic interpretation) of all 78 tarot cards with instructions for reading the most popular complex spreads.  While the Ascension with the Angels Tarot deck is taught side-by-side with the Rider-Waite (Smith) deck, you can apply what you learn to any deck you want to work with.   Every card has its own video so that you can easily reference it at any time.  
  • Because acquiring knowledge of this kind is an evolving and expanding process, included in your membership you will also have access to live group coaching classes twice monthly where you will participate in live readings.  In addition to the practical application, the practice involved will empower you to hone your intuition further.  The event will be recorded for on-demand access also. 
  • Being part of a community with others who are on the same path amplifies what you can learn.  Within the community, you will gain the added benefit of discovering insights from others, engaging in related discussions with them for mutual discovery, and more. 

Your satisfaction is important and you can cancel your membership at any time.

As mentioned, access to the community includes access to a ten-module video course (valued at $333) where you will learn everything you need to:

  • Connect with your angels and spirit guides through tarot. 
  • Be familiar with the meaning of all 78 tarot cards.
  • Confidently read any complex tarot spread.
  • Activate the power within you to manifest.
  • Heal areas of your life where you are currently blocked.
  • Accurately use spiritual laws to gain momentum.
  • Transcend and resolve your current challenges.
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What past students have to say:


More than just a tarot class.

The course was packed full of information that I have used in all aspects of my life, both in my personal spiritual development, and in my consulting practice with corporate clients helping them to break free of old paradigms.  

- Eric Kirby




Loved how the class was taught.

By the time I was finished with the class series, I felt fond of each card in the deck, and competent to do readings for myself and others. Each week Seph told stories of his own experiences with intuition, symbolism, working with the angels, and the way he flows with life, and all of that added to the class discussions and teachings.

- Jessica Colp




Deeply connected with the course contents.

I highly recommend Seph's Tarot Card classes as he truly seeks to help you understand the meanings of the cards and how to tap/grow your third eye/connect with your higher power.  I will use those discoveries to fulfill my soul’s agreement here on earth.

- Daisy Herera




$44 Per Month

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